Product review: NEW gluten-free frozen chips from McCain!

Even though I cook pretty much all of my meals from scratch, it’s so handy to have a freezer stocked with tasty, wack-in-the-oven meals for those days when you just can’t be bothered cooking. Last night I was just cooking for one so I decided to pick up a frozen Genius steak pie and try out the McCain frozen chips. I was sent a Tesco voucher a few weeks ago to try them out – but I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks! So, I’m eventually getting around to trying them out.

They’re ¬£2.50 for a rather large bag (luckily I had space in my freezer!) and you can pick them up from any of the larger Tesco stores. I’ve been eating their other chips which only have sunflower oil and potatoes in them, they don’t specifically say gluten-free like these chips do, so I was surprised to hear they had released a gluten-free version. It’s nice that they have the words ‘GLUTEN FREE’ in a massive, unmistakable font and the gluten-free symbol, too. I think that will give a lot of coeliacs confidence when buying this product.

The chips tasted exactly the same as any normal oven chips, so you would never know they were gluten-free.

It’s encouraging that so many of these big brands are adopting a variety of products in their gluten-free ranges, now I can just absentmindedly¬†pick up oven chips without having to carefully scrutinise their ingredients and allergens section – ¬†that’s a winner in any coeliac’s eyes, right? I’m for anything that cuts down my food shopping time dramatically.

New gluten-free frozen chips from McCain


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