Asda’s impressive free from range

If I’m honest, Asda has never really entered my mind for my weekly supermarket shop…until now…

We ended up dropping into Asda as there was nothing else around and I was starting to feel my hunger pains rising so I needed food quickly before it escalated into stomach pains so strong I can’t stand up straight, so in we went.

They have a massive free from range, I couldn’t actually believe I’d never seen it before! Four big sections in their dry foods bit, including a selection of cakes. So naturally, I bought way too many for one person.

I bought this party pack of nine cupcakes – I wasn’t having a party, but I ate almost all of them in one day, shocking behaviour.


And another sweet treat with this tasty chocolate loaf cake!


After picking up the above gluten-free treats, I decided to order our weekly shop from Asda, to see what else I could find online. I found quite a few different things but the below two items were the most exciting.

I’ve always loved a sausage, mash and gravy dinner, but these ones from Asda you cook from frozen – so they last much longer and there’s virtually no defrosting, just get them out 20 mins before cooking.



I was most excited about this gluten-free tomato and mozzarella tortellini. I’ve been looking for a tasty and fairly inexpensive filled pasta for years and I think this pasta from Asda takes some beating. We had quite a flavour-packed sauce with the pasta, so we couldn’t taste any of that typical gluten-free taste – so I think it’s well worth a try.


Found any other treats at Asda? Let me know in the comments below!

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