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gluten-free sticky crispy chicken takeout

If you’re not gluten-free by choice then you probably miss ordering a Chinese takeaway. When you first tell a none gluten-free person the standard response is ‘ah you’re so lucky, they’re so bad for you’ or something along these lines. And while it probably is better for us, …

March 18, 2018
When the chef is coeliac

This post is a shout-out to anyone who helps us by making our gluten-free life that little bit easier! Woo-hoo yeah! “I’ve done some research and picked a restaurant you can eat at” Feeling included is such a nice feeling. Thanks guys. “Would you like to see our dedicated gluten-free menu?” Yes, I really would. “The chef/chef’s partner/chef’s child is coeliac – they know all about it don’t …

March 16, 2018
Gluten-free special egg fried rice

Now that I am gluten-free, I will always choose rice over pasta – for obvious reasons. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you haven’t tried some of the gluten-free pasta products out there. I’ve always loved egg fried rice so mixing it up a little with …

March 14, 2018
I'm Helen, and I'm a diagnosed coeliac. I LOVE experimenting in the kitchen. So I'm on a quest to make gluten-free food that doesn't fall apart or taste gluten free.
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