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Gluten free white bread - bacon sandwich

Bread is a diet staple for many. So when you find out you can no longer have it due to a diagnosis of coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity – it can become a little tricky. After I tried out all the gluten-free bread brands – trying desperately …

December 14, 2017
gluten free gingerbread recipe

Just the smell of gingerbread around the house at Christmas time is enough to get you feeling festive. That’s why I thought I’d make some tasty, bite-sized gingerbread Christmas tree snacks! You can make these using any cookie cutter shapes you have at home. Even if they’re just the plain …

December 10, 2017

When you’re eating at someone else’s house for Christmas dinner or boxing night dinner – whatever your tradition is, many of us coeliacs can easily feel left out. If I’m eating at anyone’s but my parent’s house, I usually take my own food for two main reasons. 1. …

December 6, 2017
I'm Helen, and I'm a diagnosed coeliac. I LOVE experimenting in the kitchen. So I'm on a quest to make gluten-free food that doesn't fall apart or taste gluten free.
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